Your Benefits

No more calorie counting

This is one of the biggest benefits you'll get from using nutrfy. Set your plan, and then enjoy your meals without the need for tracking apps, looking up ingredients, or checking macros while you're on your lunch break trying to enjoy your food.

No more guessing

Are you eating too much? Too little? How should your nutrition adapt when working out? Regardless of your goals, nutrfy takes the guesswork out of your meal preparation.

Eat what you like

A lot of nutrition programs out there want you to completely change the way you eat. From portion sizes to timings, to ingredients. We know this is tough. Food is much more than just fuel. It's comfort, it's company of friends, it's home. Changing all of that in one step is too much.

Avoid Binges and Cravings

Binges and cravings are often the result of underfuelling. Your body is starving, and after some time it's overreacting with a unstoppable lust for sweets, chips, and other energy dense foods. Eat according to your training and you'll always be satiated and topped up, severly reducing cravings and the binges that often follow them.

Keep track of your commitment

Did you eat what you planned? With nutrfy it's easy to track. Did you swap something? No problem, just update your food journal or change the plan. Nutrfy makes it as easy as possible to follow your plan, to help you keep to your commitment.

Keep your goals and your progress in sight

Our reports and analysis shows you your progress towards your goals. Wether it's weight management, commiting to cleaner eating or something else: Our tools show you exactly what is going on.

Keep yourself accountable

Sometimes, it's hard to follow through on our promises. Especially the ones we make to ourselves. Nutrfy is your buddy that keeps you accountable when it's not so easy.

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