How nutrfy helps you be your best.

Nutrfy supports your Training

Automatic Calorie Need Computation

Nutrfy will compute the calories you will burn in a planned workout. Either by using your historical training data (if you connect your account to Strava) or by using statistical methods.

Food intake timing

It's not only how much you eat, but also when you do it. Nutrfy will suggest meal timings for optimal nutrient intake. You can define some boundaries that fit your daily life (for example when you get up to have breakfast), and nutrfy does the rest.

In-Workout nutrition

Nutrfy will recommend in-workout nutrition for longer sessions and incorporate them into your daily plan. Stick to them, and bonking will be a thing of the past.

Nutrfy supports your Lifestyle

Vegan and vegetarian options

Nutrfy supports vegan and vegetarian diets by allowing you to permanently remove certain food groups (like meat or diary) from your recipe suggestions.

For all types and levels of athletes

Meal planning is not just for professional athletes. On the contrary, time-crunched athletes with a full time job and/or family commitments can profit from planning ahead at least as much.

Easy food tracking

Once your plan is set up, tracking your food intake is as easy a clicking a button.

Nutrfy adapts to you

Smart Recipe Suggestions

Nutrfy will learn your preferences and over time understand your tastes so that we can provide you with better choices. Of course, you can always use your own favorite recipes and let our algorithms adapt it to fit your training.

Allergies and Intolerances

All ingredients are checked against common allergens. If you specify any allergies, recipes containing ingredients you're allergic to are automatically removed for you.

Flexible meal planning

Change of plans? No problem. Your nutrfy plan adapts to your life, not the other way round. Going out for dinner instead of cooking at home? Just change your meal setting. Can't make it to the spinning class? Remove the training session from your plan and nutrfy recalculates your daily intake.

More Features

Works on Mobile

The website works on desktop and on mobile. No need to install an app.

Grocery Lists

Get your shopping for the week done in one go with our automatically generated grocery lists.

Manual Overrides

Fine-tune your nutrition plan to your ideas. You can override any setting with your own values.

Multiple food intake strategies

Wether you want to "graze" (up to six meals a day) or practice intermittent fasting, nutrfy supports different food intake strategies.

Integrations with other services

No need to reinvent the wheel. Connect your nutrfy account to other services to sync workout or body measure data seamlessly.

Regional Availability

Not all ingredients are available everywhere, and not all ingredients have the same nutritional value everywhere. Nutrfy adapts recipes and recipe suggestions according to where you are on the planet.

Reports and Analysis

Track long-term trends with our reports and analysis packages.

Enhance your Experience with Journaling

Keep a simple, yet effective, food and training journal to add qualitative insights to quantitative data. Keep track of moods and assessment to put the raw data into perspective.