December 12, 2020

Don't know how to start? Start with an experiment!

Habits are strong. And eating is the oldest habit we have. From the day we are born, we eat. Our preferences might change, but eating is still the most fundamental activity we perform as human beings. And the role of food is not limited to fuelling our body for physical and mental activities. We use food to bond and connect with fellow humans - friends, co-workers, family. We use food to comfort ourselves, we connect food to daily rituals. “Food is life”, and it reflects all the different aspects of our lives

What and how we eat is part of our lifestyle. And changing lifestyles is hard, and seems even undesirable in certain circumstances.

Changing the way we eat is one of the most radical changes we can make. It’s no wonder we find it difficult.

If the idea of completely changing your nutrition, following a plan, and making sure that your food matches the your training needs makes you nervous, here’s a proposal:

Don’t do it.

Don’t change out everything. Don’t flip the switch and say “This is day 1 of my new life”.

Instead, start a little experiment. Say: I will change my nutrition and follow a plan for two weeks. I’m giving this idea two weeks, and then I will take stock.

The idea of changing the way you eat forever is huge, and the commitment is overwhelming. But doing it for two weeks? That seems doable.

So, commit to two weeks. Just two weeks. For two weeks, you will follow you training plan and nutrition plan as best as you can.

And then see what happens. Maybe you want to continue, maybe you want to stop, maybe you want to continue but change a few things.

No need for permanent, radical changes. Just a bit of time so that your body can adjust and you start to see the effects this change has on you.

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