Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • Where can I register?

    Glad you asked. Right here

  • Is nutrfy something for me?

    Hard to say. If you have a training plan, or work out in a structured way, the answer might be yes. Generally speaking: If you like planning, and like following a plan, then you can profit immensly from planning your nutrition and aligning it with your athletic goals.

    If you fall into the category of "I work out so that I can eat whatever I want", then nutrfy will probably be of little use to you.

  • Does using nutrfy require some lifestyle changes?

    Probably. It doesn't require you to stop eating the things you are, but you may find it necessary to tweak the things you eat, and when you eat them, a bit to make it work.

  • Do I need to have a training plan to use nutrfy?

    No. Just an idea of how you're going to train, and the ability to know that a bit in advance.

  • Why is it so easy to follow a training plan, and so hard to follow a nutrition plan?

    Excellent question. Probably because food is more than just fuel.

  • Why should I use nutrfy?

    Basically, "adaption" (read: getting better/faster/stronger) happens after we set a training impulse. That's right: You don't better through training. You get better through rest following a training impulse. That's why people tell you to factor in some time to recover.

    Most people by now know this and live by this: Train hard, then recover. Repeat.

    Both things are important for training, and both things need one thing: The right fuel. If you want to set a training impulse, you need to make sure that your body has all the fuel you need to get the work done. And when you recover, you need to give the body the resources it needs to rebuild itself.

    So, if you are training and resting, but not taking care of your nutrition, you might not get all the benefits you could get from your training.

  • Can't I just eat or drink some special super food or follow a special diet some of the time?

    Yes, a lot of people think this might be a way. Swap out your regular pancakes for the protein-packed super pancakes you saw on Instagram, right?

    Sadly, this is not working. Getting nutrition right to maximise training impact and recovery is not really about what type of food you're having after your sessions. Just changing one type of meal into something that feels more "athletic" doesn't really help.

    If you stick with three things: Input/Output matching, macronutrient matching and proper timing, you will see an impact. As long as those three things are right and match your needs, it's not really that important what you actually eat.

  • How long do I need to use nutrfy to see any results?

    Just like adopting a training plan, adopting a nutrition plan is an investment into the future. Once you start using nutrfy, give it at least two weeks before judging wether it is for you. After committing to it for two weeks, you should see first results. Then you're in a much better position to decide if it brings value into your live.

  • How do I know it’s working?

    Excellent question. If you feel more energised during the day and crush your training goals, then it’s working.

Setting up Your First Nutrition Plan

  • Where do I add my planned workout sessions?

    Go to the calendar view and click on the time slow where you want to create a new training session.

  • Where can I define how many meals I want to eat per day?

    We have four different nutrition protocols defined from which you can choose in your personal settings page.

  • Can I specify what nutritional goals I have?

    Yes. If you don't explicitly share a nutrition goal with nutrfy, it will try to match your energy needs 1:1. If you want to go into a controlled calorie deficit, you can create a nutritionplan for weight loss.

  • How does hydration tracking work?

    Snarky Answer: Poorly. Longer, desnarked answer: Depending on your planned workouts, nutrfy creates a ballpark figure of the fluids you will need. It does not take into account your sweat rate and the climate. So it's more like a general recommendation than a real prediction of your hydration needs.

  • Do I need to enter my own recipes?

    Yes. We’re not big cooks, so we thought it would be best if you do you, and we just show you how to best use the food you love to create the benefits for your training you’re looking for.

  • How do I add a recipe?

    Adding a new recipe is pretty straight forward. Just enter the ingredients and make sure that nutrfy understood everything correctly (sometimes, it gets confused).

Go here for more details

  • Do I have to enter all ingredients myself?

    No. We have an ever-expanding library of ingredients all athletes can access.

  • An Ingredient is missing, what now?

    You can create your own ingredients in your library.

  • Why can’t I find any pre-packaged foods in your database?

    Mostly, because you should stop doing that and start preparing your food yourself. Seriously, it’s practically the only way to eat healthy. Also, we don’t have the data and don’t want to pay the licensing fees for those databases.

  • What if I’m eating out?

For all situations where you're not on your own kitchen, with a kitchen scale and all your favorite ingredients in your pantry and fridge, we recommend selecting the "freestyle meal" option in your nutrition plan. It will give you some ballpark figures for the macro-composition of your meal. Go here for more details

  • What if I’m not sure what to eat?

    Using freestyle meals is a great way to get some general guideline on what you could eat without selecting a recipe.

  • What happens when I want to change a meal?

    Nutrfy plans your meals in an atomic way. Each meal in itself follows the nutritional guidelines you chose. This means you can swap out meals easily without affecting the rest of your training plan.

  • What if I want to try out something new?

    Easy. Just add the recipe.

Integrations With Other Platforms

  • Can I import my workouts from other platforms?

    You can connect your nutrfy account to your Strava account here to sync your completed workouts automatically.

  • Can I import my training plans from other platforms?

    Not yet.

  • Can i sync my health data with other platforms?

    Not yet.

Other Stuff

  • How does nutrfy know how much calories I burn?

    When it comes to planning new workouts, nutrfy taps into your training session history. When you create a new training session, you specify if it will be of low, medium or high intensity, and nutrfy will infer from your previous workouts how much calories you're going to spend. This is surprisingly precise, by the way.