Creating your own Recipes

While we do have a fine selection of healthy and enjoyable meals in our collection, we understand that everyone has their own staple meals, comfort foods and things that simply work.

We appreciate that, and therefore made it as simple as possible for you to enter your own meals.

Start by selecting "Recipes - New Recipe" in the header menu. Then, just write your ingredients into the textfield or copy them over from your collection.

Nutrfy will (try to) convert your input into structured data. The result will be shown on the next page. If the app misses something or got something wrong, just go back and alter the input a bit - most often there is some additional information that confuses the app (like 'ground pepper' - just use 'pepper').

Once your recipe is imported, it will be available for selection immediately. You can also head to the recipe builder to fine-tune or add some information. There, you can also choose to make the recipe available to the community (sharing is caring).