Connecting your Account to other Platforms

If you use Strava to record your workouts you can use that data to better predict your energy need for upcoming workouts.

Connecting your Account to Strava

To connect your account with Strava, go to your "Account" settings and choose Connected Accounts. Select "Connect with Strava" and follow the instructions on screen.

Syncing your Data

Upon successful connection, head over to "Workouts" to update your workouts on Nutrfy. Whenever you post a new workout to Strava, don't forget to quickly sync your Strava account to Nutrfy.

Workout Energy Expenditure without Strava

If you do not have a Strava account or don't want to share your workout data, Nutrfy will estimate your energy need on statistical data and general formulas. While not as precise as actually measuring your output, it is still suprisingly precise.

Connecting your Account to Withings

If you have a Withings (former Nokia) smart scale, you can connect to the HealthMate app to get all your weighing data into Nutrfy.

This works the same way as connecting your Strava account.

Syncing your Data

You can sync your data in your Athlete Profile under "Weight History".