Getting started with Nutrfy

The weekly plan

After creating your account, head over to your weekly plan by selecting "Weekly Plan" on the menu.

From here, you can manage your workouts and meals. The calendar will show you all planned and completed workouts, and all of your scheduled meals. It will also show you if you selected recipes for a meal, and if their energy content matches your planned workouts.

Plan your first workout

You can create your first workout by selecting "Schedule a workout" on the calendar, by clicking on the time you want the workout to start, or by dragging open a time interval on the calendar. (Works pretty much like other calendar software)

Enter your workout details and hit 'save'. This will create the planned workout and bring you back to the calendar.

Depending on the workout you created, a couple of things might have happend:

  • Certainly your daily energy need will have changed. This also means that the number of calories per meal will have gone up.
  • If your workout is long enough, Nutrfy will have added some in-workout nutrition.
  • If your workout is scheduled for a time where you usually have a meal (e.g. lunch time), Nutrfy will have tried to move the colliding meal forward or backwards. If that wasn't possible, your meal will be skipped. Sad face.

Select a recipe for a meal

Once you have your workout planning completed, it's time to select recipes for your meals.

Click on a meal, and Nutrfy will suggest some dishes that will match your predicted energy need. Select one by clicking "select", or build your own course by choosing the last option and add some recipes or ingredients manually.

You can also use one of the suggested recipes and add things to it like drinks or side dishes. Nutrfy will modify the recipes so that together they match your needed energy intake.

If you're unable to select a recipe (maybe because you're eating out, are travelling or cannot predict what you will be able to eat for any other reason), you can always opt for the "freestyle" option.

With a freestyle meal, you get a basic recommendation how much of each macronutrient source you should eat. But note that while this is a good estimate, it is not very easy to follow - mostly because exclusive sources of macronutrients are rare, and most foods include two or three macronutrients in significant numbers. But it will definitely help you in pinch to select an appropriate meal.

Change your plans

Things don't always go to plan. If you have to reschedule or cancel a workout, be sure to re-select the recipes in your upcoming meals.

The daily overview

When you log on to Nutrfy, the daily overview shows you your plan for the day. Use it to quickly access your meal plan, and note if you followed your meal plan.